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Quite literally, they founded the United States of America. They were the leaders of the American Revolution. They expressed people's frustration and resentment with British rule. They acted on that anger to declare independence and lead the country through eight years of war to achieve it. They wrote the constutution and persuaded people to accept and ratify it. They formed the first government under Washington and served in the first congresses. They wrote the Bill of Rights.

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Q: What did the Founding Fathers do to become founding fathers?
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When did the founding fathers become founding fathers?

I think on 1943

How did founding fathers become founding fathers?

you would be better off looking on his bio that is where i found all my info from.

How did our founding fathers become founding fathers?

They were the original settlers and some were actually the ones who helped fund for the trip.

How did the US become a free country?

our founding fathers

What founding fathers did not become president?

Benjamin Franklin and possibly John Jay.

What founding father originally proposed what would become the 27th Amendment 200 years later?

The founding fathers did not propose the 27th amendment. They were dead by that time. I found out from my teacher that it was a trick questions.

Why did your founding fathers set up branches of government?

so that we as United States would not become a tyrant like the king we where under when we where colonies

Who intended to limit the president's power?

The Founding Fathers intended to limit the President's power, but they never envisioned the gutless wonders the legislature has become.

The Founding Fathers felt it was important that government?

The founding fathers felt it was important that government had specific and defined limitations so that it could not become too powerful and infringe on the rights of citizens. One of the ways they limited the power of government was by separating it into three different entities which all policed each other through different rights and responsibilities.

Why has the Declaration of Independence become famous?

The Declaration of Independence is a notable document in US History, because it was one of the founding bricks of the nation. The Declaration was a statement signed by our founding fathers to signify our separation from England, to lay a new governemnt, and to start a new and sovereign nation.

When did the Founding Fathers make a new Constitution?

The Founding Fathers made a new Constitution between May and September of 1787. It was adopted on September 17, 1787 and then sent to the states for ratification. It required 9 of the 13 states to become the law of the states. That happened on June 21, 1788 when New Hampshire ratified. Within 5 weeks, Virginia and New York ratified. NC in 1790 and RI in 1791

Why does the constitution have a system of separation of powers?

The founding fathers put in the separation of powers because they thought it would be a power and corruption limit, restraining anyone from trying to become a dictator or taking over.