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Muraroa Atoll was used for French nuclear testing.

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Q: What did the French use the island of Mururoa?
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What did the French use the island of Mururoa for?

The French conducted nuclear tests on the Mururoa Atoll.

Where was godzillas home?

In Godzilla (1998), the monster lizard is from the area around the nuclear test sites at Mururoa Atoll and Fangataufa Atoll, which are located in French Polynesia.

Why did the french have to stop testing in Mururoa?

Seriously? It was nuclear testing. It was harming people. It was destroying Mururoa. Do you really think that was fair to the inhabitants? Not to mention, it would be good to note that the testing was done as far from French mainland as possible.

When was Epistocavea mururoa created?

Epistocavea mururoa was created in 1992.

Where did the French test their nuclear weapons?

The French tested their nuclear weapons in the Sahara desert (before Algeria's independence) and on the Pacific atoll of Mururoa.

What happened on July 2 1986?

The French military explode their nuclear test bomb codenamed Aldébaran in Mururoa, their first nuclear test in the Pacific.

Pacific group of islands where nuclear tests were held?

The French conducted nuclear testing in the Tuamotu islands, on the atoll of Mururoa. The US conducted nuclear testing on the atoll of Bikini in the Marchall islands.

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The French word for Island is l'île = the island.

What has the author Marguerite Duraille written?

Marguerite Duraille has written: 'Mururoa mon amour'

What is a French speaking island in the Mediterranean?

The French-speaking island in the Mediterranean is Corsica. It is an island located southeast of France and northwest of Italy, with French as the official language.

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Corsica is a French island that starts with a "C."