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Native Americans played roles on both sides of the American Revolution. Some tribes decided to side with the British forces against the American revolutionaries. Others, did opposite and allied themselves with the Continental Army in the fight for American independence.

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Q: What did the Native Americans do in the American Revolutionary?
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Who helped the American troop during the revolutionary war?

African American slaves, Native Americans, and France

What date did the Native Americans join the American revolutionary war?

They joined in 2010 Y@Y

How did the revolutionary war impact Native American?

example of abiotic factors in an ecosytem include

Who was the native Americans chief that served as a British army officer during the revolutionary war?

Joseph Brant was the Native American chief that served as a British army officer during the Revolutionary War.

Did Indians fight in the American Revolutionary War?

I meant to add with the Indians. sry.--If by Indians you mean Native Americans, yes, some did fight: most opposing the Americans.

Who did the Native American fight for in the American Revolutionary War?

the french

Who played a bigger part in the revolutionary war native Americans women or African Americans?

African Americans

Are native American and north American the same?

No, while many who are Native Americans are, in fact, North Americans, there are very many who are North Americans, but not at all of Native American descent.

How is a african-American and native-American alike?

no, african americans and native americans are both different.

How did patriots victory in the American Revolution affected Native American?

The victory of the Colonists over the British in the Revolutionary war was a disaster for the Native Americans. The British promised the Native Americans that the Colonists would not go farther west than they already were, in order to get help from the Native Americans to defeat the French in the French and Indian War. After they won the won, the newly formed USA tore up the treaties and took land from the Native Americans and forced the Native Americans to move farther west or north to Canada.

What was the approximate number of Afro-Americans who fought for American Independence in the American Revolutionary War?

Approximately 5,000 Black Americans fought the British in the American Revolutionary War.

Why did American expansion make native Americans?

Because American settlers moved in native Americans territories.