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They shipped it to Spain.

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Q: What did the Spaniards do with the Aztecs gold and treasure?
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How did the Aztecs trade gold?

Aztecs gave to the Spaniards because they don't think gold is rich.

What did the Spaniards hear about the Aztecs?

Everything was made of Gold.

What did the Spaniards do with the gold and treasure that they found?

They sent them to Spain.

How did the Aztecs use gold in their society?

The Aztecs used gold as a currency, along with cocoa beans. The chocolate that was made from the cocoa beans was as valuable to them as gold was to the Spaniards. They also used gold for jewellery.

What happened to the city after the Spaniards captured the city of the Aztecs?

After the Spaniards captured the Aztec city, they destroyed everything and stole the valuable gold.

How did the spaniards conqure the Aztecs?

The Spaniards attacked the Aztecs during a festival

Why did the Spaniards treated the Aztecs harshly?

why did the spaniards treat the Aztecs harshly

Were the Maya eniemies of the Aztecs?

No the Aztec's were the Mayan's Enemy the Mayan were peacefull and the Aztecs captured mayans for slaves and there gold the Spaniards and Aztecs wiped out most of the mayans

Why did the Aztecs and the Spaniards fight?

The Spaniards were wanted to conquer the Aztecs and take all of their property, and the Aztecs didn't want that.

What was it that enabled the Spaniards to capture the Aztecs?

They killed the Aztecs

Who brought Aztecs down?

the Spaniards defeated the Aztecs.

What were reasons for spanish victory over Aztec?

the Spanish brought smallpox to the Aztecs, wiping there population out and the Spaniards were treated like gods and tricked the Aztecs into finding gold for them and treated the Aztecs harshly.