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The colonists adopted the Declaration of Independence to gain support and it was successful.

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Q: What did the colonists use to gain support for the Revolutionary War?
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What war did American colonists gain independence from British?

Revolutionary War.

Which of these statements is falseThe colonists still considered themselves to be English citizens at the beginning of the Revolutionary War?

The original reason the colonists fought in the Revolutionary War was to gain their independence from England.

What did the colonists gain after winning the revolutionary war?

they gained freedom and land

Why did France support the colonists during the Revolutionary War?

they wanted to.

How did American colonists gain their independence?

American colonists gained their independence by fighting in a bloody war known as the American Revolutionary War.

Why was European support so important to the colonists during the revolutionary war?

they was part of it

Did the colonists support the Revolutionary War?

the loyalist did, but the patriots did not. Britain eventually declared war on the colonies.

What are 3 reasons the colonists won the revolutionary war?

They knew the terrain, they had local support, and they had France's support.

What were the effects on the Revolutionary War the American colonists?

what were the effects of the revolutionary war on the american colonists?

Who was the opposing side the Americans fought in the revolutionary war?

The colonists in America fought against the British to gain their independence from Great Britain. Prior to the Revolutionary War the colonies belonged to Great Britain and the colonists were British subjects.

How did phillis wheatley support the colonists in the revolutionary war?

Phillis Wheatley was a young African American slave, who wrote poems to encourage the Patriots to win the Revolutionary War.

Why did the French help the colonist in the revolutionary war?

The French helped the colonist to win the Revolutionary War. The French technical support and gun power were both vital to the colonists success.

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