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The Woodland Indians used Natural Resources to make their jewelry. Shells that were colorful were used to decorate. The Indians believed there were magic in the wampum shells.

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Typically, the nations would use corn husks to make string.?æThe Eastern Woodland nations of Native Americans were very resourceful and understood how to use the land around them.?æ

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Q: What did the eastern woodland Indians use to make string?
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What did the eastern woodland Indians make?

Dream catchers

Did the eastern woodland Indians make totem poles?


How did the eastern woodland Indians make their clothes out of?

they made their clothes out of animal skins.

What is some interesting info on eastern woodland natives?

some woodland native test preps are; use your notes to study; make your own quiz; most of all let your buddy's help you.

What did the Eastern woodland play for women?

most women cook, take care of kids, plant, make clothing, and hang out

What did eastern woodlands use for weapons?

Eastern Woodland Indians can turn simple things into weapon like bones, stones, rocks, woods, plants, and animal skin. They use bones as needle, knife, rake, and scraper. They used woods to make an arrow and arrow shafts, plants as traps, and rocks or stones as arrow head.

How did woodland Indians make there food?

They hunted, fished, and grew crops. The young boys were assigned the task of keeping animals from the crops.

What was the main resource of the Eastern Woodlands Indians?

The Eastern Woodlands Indians main resource was trees. The trees were used to make canoes, shelters, carving tools, and weapons for wood.

Who use totems?

The plains indians and the eastern woodlands to make huts and other homes.

How do the eastern woodland Indians travel?

They adopted the Indian's swift, graceful bark canoe for water travel. They used bark from trees to make a canoe for water travel. They adopted the Indian's swift, graceful bark canoe for water travel. They used bark from trees to make a canoe for water travel.

Do eastern woodland Indians exist today?

Yes, modern descendants of eastern woodland Native American tribes still exist today. These tribes include the Cherokee, Iroquois, Lenape, and many others, with many members living on reservations in the eastern United States. These communities continue to preserve their cultural traditions and languages while also adapting to the modern world.

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