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Federal departments and agencies would be relatively small

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The founding fathers didn't talk about the bureaucracy because they envisioned it as having little power.

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Q: What did the framers expect regarding the bureaucracy?
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Which of the following is often a major complaint regarding a bureaucracy?

little flexibility because the organization must follow the rules

Why is Max Weber's characterization of bureaucracy considered the essential building block for understanding the formal institutional structures of public administration?

He is essentilly the first and only person to put all of their theories regarding bureaucracy in one place and at the same time be right. Despite later criticisms regarding his theories, it is still held that the basic premise behind all of his theories remains true.

What was the main disagreement over which the framers had to compromise?

The largest disagreement came on the issue regarding how states should be represented in congress. -T.$.K

Type of bureaucracy in great Britain?

Type of Bureaucracy Ans :- 1. Guardian Brueaucrancy 2. Cast Bureaucracy 3. Patronage Bureaucracy 4. Merit Bureaucracy

What did the Framers hope to achieve by establishing a federal system of government Were they successful?

In establishing a federal system of government, the framers hoped to achieve a system whereby power in the country would be shared between the national government and state governments. Opinions vary regarding how successful this has been.

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What is a large complex organization made up of appointed officials?

a bureaucracy.

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All of the Above.

What are framers?

Framers are people who wrote the constitution

Is a bureaucracy big or small?

Bureaucracy is always big.

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what are the effects of bureaucracy in modern organization.

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Bureaucracy - book - was created in 1944.