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Q: What did the revolution increase roles for?
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What roles did the revolution increase?


When did the human population begin to increase exponentially?

Industrial Revolution

What was the most significant effect of industrial revolution?

The most significant effect in the Industrial Revolution was the increase in transportation.

Women's roles in the American Revolution?

Women played many roles during the Revolution. They were supporters at home while their husbands were away. They also followed camps and made meals, and even fought in the war at times.

Has the use of computers increase?

the computer revolution

Does the period of revolution increase or decrease?


Which of these changes caused an increase in pollution during the Industrial Revolution?

(Apex) Increase in urbanization.

What were the roles of African-Americans in the American revolution?

they fought in the military service. -by jaliyah francois

What are causes of the agricultural revolution?

increase demand for food

What is the definition of white revolution?

increase of the milk production

What roles were played by african-americansin the revolution?

Some of them did fight, but most most of them worked on plantations.

What revolution refers to the increase of machine made goods that occurred in England during the 18th century?

The industrial revolution.