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what did the New Jersey settlers wear

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Flower bags

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Q: What did the settlers in New Jersey wear?
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Why did the first settlers of New Jersey came to New Jersey?


Who live in New Jersey?

The first settlers of New Jersey were Catholics, Jews, Lutherans, and Quakers.

What countries did settlers in New Jersey and Delaware come?

The settlers in New Jersey and Delaware came from the countries of Ireland and Germany.

What did dela wear?

What did Dela wear? A new jersey (New Jersey)! Where did she get it? I don't know, but I'll ask'a (Alaska)!

Clothes to wear at New Jersey?

some clothes to wear in new jersey are daisy dukes on a cold winter night

What tribe resided in new jersey before the settlers?

LENI Lenape !

What was the reason for the first settlers to settle in New Jersey?

religious freedom

What kinds of games did the settlers of new jersey play?

fun games!

Who was the first person to discover New Jersey?

New Jersey wasn't discovered, it was created. Just ask the native Americans that were displaced by European settlers who eventually called it New Jersey.

What did the first New York settlers wear?


How did settlers survive in New Jersey?

When the first settlements were set up in what is now New Jersey, settlers survived largely by farming and partaking in a profitable trade of furs & game with the local Native American tribes.

What did Della wear by Perry Como?

She wore a New Jersey.