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Q: What discipline claims language is radically oppositional and thereby inherently suspect in its ideological base?
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In 1950s the Chinese government did what?

b. radically changed farming by establishing communes.

Who was the 44 year old cousin of Thomas Jefferson who was appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and radically changed the job of the Supreme Court?

John Marshall was the 45, not 44, year old distant cousin of Thomas Jefferson who was Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and radically changed the job of the Supreme Court.

What problems might arrive due to the fact that each state issued its own money?

This is exactly what happened when the original colonies were governed by the Federalist Papers, which led to the Continental Congress and the founding of the Constitution for the nation. Each state would not take the other states money and trade between the states broke down. To alleviate the problem the states came together to work out the problems under the auspice of the Convention of States. What they ended up getting was the Constitution that radically changed trade, economic trade and international trade.

Which actor's father was not only a New York rail brakeman and a radically conservative Catholic but also claimed to have been a Jeopardy champion?

Mel Gibson Mel Gibson's Dad's name is Hutton "Red" Gibson. After looking up Hutton Gibson in Wikipedia and finding the list of Jeopardy past tournament champions (to double check), Hutton Gibson was the champion in 1968. Hutton is listed in the Jeopardy List of Champions as "Red Gibson" for 1968. Wikipedia has his biography and references his nick name to be "Red." Wikipedia also mentions that he won the championship in 1968.

In the late 1880s the farmers alliance?

Farmers dealt with drought and competing foreign markets in the 1880s thus leading to the farmer's alliance. It was basically a radical movement in the south and west in which farmers in 'farmer's clubs' joined to create a political party. This party believed in cooperating--co-ops would buy supplies in bulk and then distribute them to members for fair prices. The party realized it needed to take political action because it felt there was something radically wrong with the federal monetary policy. They officially formed a national party in 1892 in St. Louis, Missouri. Their nat. convention was then held in July in Omaha in which they elected General James Weaver. He was unsuccessful. ^^I guess that's what you get out of APUSH baby! woohoo :)

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Can you make a sentence with radically?

He radically did a quintuple kick-flip on his skateboard.

What does revoulutionized mean?

Radically changed

How does suicide affect your body?

Radically. You die

What is the definition if transform?

To change something radically.

What is an evolutionary event in which population size is radically reduced?

Selection of a particular genotype threatened by hostile environment can radically reduce the population size of an organism.

What does the word avantgarde mean?

radically new or original.

What does revolutionise mean?

fill with revolutionary ideas, change radically

What is krumping an acronym for?

Kingdom Radically Uplifted Mighty Praise

What are synonyms for fundamentally?

One is basically. essentially, radically, primarily

Do you adapt easily to new environment job?

It depends how radically different it is.

What is the definition of the word 'transformations'?

Transformation is the ability of something to change radically.

How did Leonardo da Vinci's style of painting change over time?

Not radically.