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These endanger democracy. If people do not participate (if they do not pay attention to the issues and they do not vote), only a small number of vested interests will control the government. Democracy works best when a large number of people let their opinions be known; some people express themselves by volunteering to help in a campaign, or by attending meetings to learn more about the candidates. When citizens vote, they are choosing the candidates they believe will most closely represent their views. Thus, low voter turnout means the public was not engaged and/or did not feel excited about any of the candidates.

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Q: What do low voter turnout and political apathy endanger?
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As distinct from alienation apathy is?

associated with a low rate of voter turnout

Use apathy in a sentence?

Her apathy towards the project was evident in her lack of enthusiasm and effort.

What has recent voter turnout been?

Recent voter turnout varies by country and election. However, globally, voter turnout has seen a declining trend in recent years. Factors such as voter apathy, disillusionment with politics, and logistical challenges can contribute to lower voter turnout. Efforts are being made to encourage and increase voter participation through various initiatives and reforms.

What is the definition of voter apathy?

voter apathy is a lack of caring amongst eligible voters. That is, it is often used to explain a poor turn out for elections / voting.

voter apathy ?

Disinterest in political issues; an unwillingness to participate in the political process.

What do people think causes lack of interest for low voter turnout?

Apathy Bad weather Corrupt political system Violence during the election process Fear

What is low voter turnout a feature of?

Low voter turnout may be caused by disenchantment, indifference, or contentment. Different elections have different voter turnout rates. Presidential elections have a higher voter turnout rate than other elections. Bad weather can also cause low voter turnout. Voter fatigue and the ease of registering to vote can also affect voter turnout.

Why did steffens claim that philadelphian s do not vote?

Steffens claimed that Philadelphians do not vote because of political corruption and machine politics that disenfranchise the citizens and create a sense of apathy and disillusionment towards the electoral process. This leads to a lack of trust in the political system and discourages voter turnout.

What is a major effect on voters views on the primary?

low voter turnout

What was a result of universal white male sufferage?

Increased voter turnout

How did the election change in the early 1800's?

Male voter turnout increased dramatically.

How does voter turnout in off year elections compare to voter turnout in presidential election years?