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a constitutuion Apex = ]]

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Q: What do nations use to establish the rules and regulations by which they are governed?
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What do nations do to establish the rules and regulations by which they are governed?

a constitutuion Apex = ]]

What do a nation use to establish the rules or regulations by which they are governed?

A constitution (apex)

Why did they have a constitution?

To establish rules, regulations and standards by which America would live by.

What do countries have to do and what do they have to contribute to be part of the United Nations?

countries have to operate their nation according to rules and regulations required by the united nations.

How vehicle must approach park aircraft?

The rules that govern the way that vehicles approach parked aircraft varies from locale to locale, it is governed by local rules and regulations.

Which branch of government has the power to coin money establish post offices and makes rules for the government and regulations of land and naval forces?


Is there a list of basketball rules and regulations?

yes there is basketball rules and regulations

Is ethics the study of rules and regulations?

it's more the study of WHEN TO FOLLOW rules and regulations.

In the giver how is It governed?

In "The Giver," the community is governed by a group of Elders who make all decisions for the society. The Elders enforce strict rules and regulations to maintain order and control over the population. They also oversee the selection and assignment of roles for each member of the community.

Will you comply with the company laid down rules and regulations?

All companies have rules and regulations. If you want to be hired, or keep your job, it is best to follow all rules and regulations.

What are the Rules and regulations of the ambulance service?


One reason the Mayflower Compact was written was to establish?

The settlers consented to follow the compacts rules and regulations for the sake of survival. The government that the compact formed, in return, would derive its power from the consent of the governed. They had known of earlier attempts to survive in the new world had failed without proper government. It was for more than anything else to survive.