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It is all mental, you know that you have the band on and that if you have the band on you will have better performance

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Helps with your balance and stamina and they are waterproof. !!

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Q: What do power balance wristbands do?
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Can kids wear power balance wristbands?

Yes. Anyone can wear power balance wristbands.

What do power wristbands do?

Helps with your balance and stamina and they are waterproof. !!

Are power balance wristbands safe?

Yes, the bands are safe there can be A lot of people wearing a bracelet.

Is there a lifespan on the power balance wristbands?

no because the power balance bands are placibos or things that make you think they work so no there is no lifespan on power balance bands because they do nothing

Where could a person buy a silicone wristband?

An easy place for a person to buy a silicone wristband is through the Amazon website. They offer a variety of silicone wristbands for sale such as the Power Balance silicone wristband.

What are some companies that manufacture personalized wristbands?

Many companies manufacture personalized wristbands for their customers. Online, companies such as 24 Hour Wristbands, Wristbands with a Message, and Wristbands Now specialize in manufacturing custom wristbands.

Can you wear power balance band on your leg?

You can, but it's not the same effect. Power Balance bands are designed for as wristbands. I read that it doesn't matter. You don't even have to be directly in contact with it. If it is almost touching you it will still affect your body's balance. I'm a basketball player and accessories like this are prohibited, (They can get caught on the rim or other players fingers and so on) so I wear it under my socks around my ankle.

Where can one order customized wristbands?

One can find customized wristbands on a number of online stores such as: Go WristBands, Theawristocrat dot com, Wristbands with a message and Custom wristbands.

Where can one find information on customized wristbands?

You can find information on customized wristbands online at the 24 Hour Wristbands website. Once on the page, you can customize and purchase wristbands online.

What do the rainbow colored wristbands mean?

They're gay pride wristbands

Where can I locate cancer support wristbands?

At you can buy wristbands. They have many wristbands with different quotes written on them, and there's a lot of colors to choose from.

When should you wear power balance wristbands?

When you are maybe doing P.E at school, maybe or you are an expert athlete, most likely to not happen..LOL JK. ( just kidding! ) ;] well i have a clear one with pink lettering and i am twelve, and i wear it everywhere! sometimes i even accidentally fall asleep with it on! Ha ha so everyone can wear the power balance silicone wristbands! seriously even if you are four and responsible enough to hold on to one LOL. So don't get all worked up on where you should wear it. Just enjoy you owning one, because gee, those things are sure expensive. I bought mine at a store called Dick's Sporting Goods for $30.00 bucks a band! My mom got two, one for me and my little brother. ;] So, hope everybody enjoys their wristbands!