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Loud and affluent, optimistic and powerful but lacking in cultural and historical perspective. Generally they like them, but you get the odd few who really dislike them because they have an annoying accent and are far to ignorant and patriotic.

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According to the American stereotype, the British are seen as posessed of affable charm and dry wit.

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Q: What do the British think of Americans?
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Because the British started calling us Americans.

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i think the Indians and british did not the English/Americans is that true i just found out the Indians and Americans did ok bye

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Do Americans think they're better than the British?

The majority of Americans do not hate the British and do not think they are better than them, but there will always be the prideful few who do think America is better, just like in Britain where a few think they are better than the Americans. Americans actually find some of the British's culture and mannerisms fascinating and interesting. Most Americans have a more mature view of the world than this, though like all countries there are nationalist elements who see all other countries as inferior to their own.

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Because they may run out of tea

What did the Americans think of British?

More reserved, nicely spoken, allies. Quaint but interesting traditions.

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