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they ask you questions about your home and life example: how many toilets do you hane (true).

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Q: What do they ask you in a census?
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How is census data collected and used?

information on the census was collected by enternet or by ask, Google,

Did Wisconsin gain or lose representatives after the last census?

Ask the President

If a population consists of 100000000 people and a census is taken how many people are sampled?

A census samples 100% of the population (ie it is not a sample, but the whole population) → the census will ask of 100,000,000 people.

How much does the census taker in Arkansas get paid?

i don't know cal me and ask me

Where do the census takers for the US government get their figures?

The census takers for the US government get their figures from us the citizens. I guess you konw they ask us how many people live in our household. And actually the census in coming in 2010.

What is a sentence for the word census?

Government agencies conduct a census every ten years to gather data on the population.

How many people are over the age of 18 years old?

That is a question to ask the U.S census comititee

A census is highly competitive and important to politics?

Once a group can establish its numbers, it can then ask for federal aid in proportion to its size.

Why is there no 1790 census for New Jersey on

It may be that it's not been transcribed yet. You could always email them and ask them directly.

How many animals are in the world today?

why too many to count, but if you ask Census how many PEOPLE are in the world, they will know about how many. estimate

What do you call the population count that is taken every ten year?

The census, in many places, counts the population every 10 years.

Is it legal for a census worker to ask your landlord or apartment manger for your census information and for that landlord or apartment manager to release your information without your consent?

No. A census form is suppose to be filled out by the resident of the house or apartment. Unless your living quarters do not have direct access to the the outside and you must exit by walking through you landlords apartment, you are required to fill out your own. I suggest you ask this question to the Census Bureau their number is 1-866-872-6868