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A Law is a Bill That has been passed.

once a bill is signed by the President or his veto is overridden by both houses it becomes a law and is assigned an official number.

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A law.

An Act.

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Q: What do you call a law that has been passed?
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What do call a law before it is passed?


What do you call a law before it's passed in Canada?

you call it a mace

What was a law not passed by congress?

None. This is because to be a "law" it MUST have been passed by congress.,

Has bill 451 spay law passed?

Call your local congressman about that.

What constitutes a law?

any of the admendments or laws that have been passed

Who signs the bill into law's?

IN the US, a bill that has been passed by Congress become law when the President signs it.

What do you call a law before it is passed?

Before a law is passed, it is commonly referred to as a bill. Bills are proposed pieces of legislation that undergo a series of debates and revisions before they can be voted on by the legislative body to become a law.

A law that has been proposed by congress but not yet passed is what?

Proposed laws are called bills. If a bill is passed, it may become a law, depending on the action taken by the President.

What do you call a law berfore it is passed?

you are oversimplifying what a "law" is. You are likely thinking statutory law, and thus are thinking legislation. However ordinances are law as well, as is common law. You have your answer, but hopefully you have learned more.

What law has recently been passed by parliament?

hi peeps love ya!!

If a law is quoted in a contract and then a new law is passed what law is applicable?

The contract will say which law is in effect but cannot be canged after it has been signed so will be the law that was there when it was signed.

What is an existing law?

It is a law that has been passed by the legislature - signed by the cheif executive and is currently vailid and enforceable.