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Q: What do you call a person that arranges affairs between nations?
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What are the differences Between Travel Agent And Travel Agency?

The difference between the two is that, a travel agency is the place or company that arranges the travels that people need while the travel agent is the specific person that arranges the travel is the travel agency.

Why is self government important to first nations?

it is important to the first nations because they want to have control over their own affairs. To have the rights that every other cultural person has

A person who arranges dance movements?

A person who arranges dance movements is known as a choreographer. This artists designs the movements and flow of a dance.

What is the difference between a composer and a producer?

A composer is the person who arranges a song and puts it in a order. A producer just simply puts it out there with his money and records it

What is the person that buries the dead or arranges cremations?

They are called the undertakers.

What do you call a person who arranges people's holidays?

A travel agent

What was a slave broker?

A broker is a party that arranges transactions between a buyer and a seller. Thus a slave broker was a person that negotiated the sale and purchase of slaves.

What is a layout designer?

It is a person who arranges information and/or photos that are intended to be printed.

Nature of the work for florist?

A florist is a person who arranges and sells flowers.

What do you call a person who arranges music?

A (musical) composer is 'sakkyokuka' in Japanese.

What is a one word substitute for a man who arranges funerals?

The person is an undertaker or mortician.

Who arranges for a caisson for a military funeral?

The oldest son or daughter of the person who passed usually.