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He is called the blank-elect where blank is the name of the position to which he has just been elected. Examples: president-elect, congressman-elect, etc.

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Q: What do you call an elected official before being sworn in?
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What was the lame-duck period?

The period of which an elected official is in office after losing an election but before the new office holder is sworn in.

What happens if a person is elected president but they die before they are sworn in?

The assistant president will be sworn into office.

Who was the only nationally elected US official to be sworn in on foreign soil?

Franklin Pierce

What binds an elected official to support the constitution?

The oath taken at the inaugural ceremony binds an elected official to support the Constitution of the United States. Sometimes the members of Congress are sworn in as a group. The President and Vice President are always sworn in individually.

When do newly elected congressmen take office 2017?

Today congress is being sworn into office.

Which president secretly sworn in?

Rutherford B. Hayes was secretly sworn in a day (March 3) before his official inauguration. He was secretly sworn in because of the tension surrounding his election. He was sworn in the Red Room of the White House.

Who was elected president but died before taking office?

None of the individuals who were elected as President died before taking office. William Henry Harrison was sworn in and died 31 days later.

Was president Reagan elected before or after the Berlin wall?

During. It was up when he was sworn in, and still up when his successor took office.

Name the only nationally elected official to be sworn in on foreign soil?

William Rufus De Vane King William Rufus De Vane King

Where was Richard Nixon sworn in?

He took oath in January 20, 1969 and again on January 20,1973.

If a person is elected president of the US but becomes incapacitated before they are sworn in does the VP elect still assume the office?

Gerald Ford

When was chaka fattah elected as an 2nd congressional district?

He was elected in 1994 and sworn in in 1995.