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Employees of other departments or branches, coworkers and other people who work within the same organization are:

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Q: What do you call employees of other departments or branch's coworkers and other people who work within the same organization?
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Why was the three branchs of government established?

In simple terms, the three branches were established to watch over each other as to prevent any one branch from having to much political power.

What are the executive branchs checkes over the legislative and the judicial branches?

The executive check over the legislative branch is the power of vetoing laws. The executive check over the judicial branch is the power of judicial appointment -- the president can pick a judge to take the seat of a judge who leaves the supreme court.

What does the executive branch do in the federal government?

There is no Executive branch of the federal courts.The United States has a tripartite government that comprises three branches, each with its own constitutional powers and checks against those powers. The Executive branch and the federal courts (Judicial branch) are two different parts of government.Executive branch: President, Vice-President, Cabinet, etc.Legislative branch: US Senate, US House of Representatives (together, they're called "Congress")Judicial branch: Supreme Court, lower federal courts (SCOTUS* is the head of the federal court system)*SCOTUS is an acronym for Supreme Court of the United States

Why did the authors of the constitutions set up the checks and balances?

The framers of the Constitution created a system of checks and balances so that one branch does not have too much power over the others. Each branch of government checks the power of the other branches. For example, after Congress approves a bill, it also has to be approved by the president, but if the Supreme Court believes that the bill is unconstitutional, they are able to overturn it. This system was created so that one branch does not grab all of the power and take control of the country, like we see in dictatorships.Look at it this way. If every grower in the country plants nothing but corn, the overall health of the people will plummet rapidly.

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