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Q: What do you call someone from Nebraska?
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Can the cops call your parents if your 18 in Nebraska?

Yes they can call your parents. Nebraska has set the age of majority at 19. Until then, they hold your parents responsible for you.

Who will see the sun first you or someone in Nebraska?


What did the Kansas-Nebraska Act call for?

It called for the residents of Kansas and Nebraska vote to decide the issue of slavery.

Are the tax and license fees put on a new car loan in Nebraska?

call a nebraska auto dealer to find out correctly.

Can someone in Denmark text someone in Nebraska?

yes no madder where you are you can text somebody if you have signal.

Can Nebraska extradite from Arizona?

Yes, however, it is unlikely unless the charge is a felony. For example, Nebraska most likely will not extradite someone who is wanted for skipping court on a misdemeanor.

If I call someone what am I called?

If you call someone, you are the "caller".

What do you call someone from Omaha?

You call someone from Omaha an Omahan or for many, call them Omahans

Where are floods common in the US?

Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska

What do you call someone who looks into the future?

what do you call someone who looks into the furture

If someone in Houston wanted to call and say hi to someone in Madagascar what time should they call?

if someone were to call you they woulded call you while you are sleeping so i think they should call in the mouring

What main city in the north did the Kansas- Nebraska act call for the railroad to travel through?