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Except for Justice, they are all secretaries e.g. . Secretary of Defense, Secretary of Agriculture, Secretary of State. The head of justice is called the Attorney General of the United States.

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Q: What do you call the head of each executive department?
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What do you call the head of executive department excluding the department of justice?

The head of each department is known as the secretary, except for the Department of Justice, which is headed by the attorney general. (source: College textbook)

Who are the individuals that head each executive department?

Individuals that are the head of each executive department usually are the directors or vice presidents of those respective departments in most of these cases.

What is the head of exectutive department called?

The head of the executive department could be called the Executive Department Head, supervisor, manager, etc.

What is the role of the secretary of an executive department?

Each department head is the primary link between presidential policy and the secretary's own department.

How did Washington organize his Cabinet?

He divided the work of the Executive Branch into departments and used the head of each department as an advisor.

What do you call the leaders of each department?

Except for justice, the department heads are called Secretaries. The head of Justice is the Attorney General.

What is the head of the department called?

The head of a federal executive department is usually called "Secretary", except that the head of the Justice Department is the Attorney General.

What is the name of the group of executive department head who advise the president?

The Cabinet.

What are the executive department head or chief presidential advisors called?


Human resource executive?

The Human Resources Department is the part of an organization that handles anything to do with staffing and employee matters. The Human Resources Executive would be the head of that department.

Who is current executive head of a government department of India?

Dr. Manhohan singh

Who is the head of the executive branch of the state government?

The Governor of each state is the head of that state's executive branch.