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Q: What do you called person who decode the messages?
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How did computer begin?

It began with trying to decode german messages in WWII.

what A person who delivers messages called?


Why were the code talkers important in American history?

They spoke Navajo in messages in the Pacific theater in WW2. The Japanese couldn't decode the messages so they were very important.

A person claiming messages from god?

Prophet. kkk kool kids klub......we have the awnsers Noob

How do you decode messages in spy island on poptropica?

visit director d; he'll give you a message decoder kit.

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How can I decode vin on my car?

Yes it is possible to decode your vin number. I can suggest a good website called You will be able to decode your car's vin number by using this site.

16 What was the Colossus computer created to decode?

The Colossus was created to decode encrypted messages from Germany during World War Two using the infamous "Enigma" machine. For full rundown see Simon Singh's "The Code Book".

A person who sends a message is called?

The sender. (The terms messenger and message are applied to the carrier of messages.)

Who helped the U.S. Armed Forces by helping to decode secret messages?

You could be talking about the Navajo Indians or British Intelligence / Bletchley Park.

What did they use the first computer for?

The first proper computers were used to help the Allies decode German encrypted messages during World War II.

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