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There's no such thing as a "Federal election ballot," at least not in the United States. Ballots are prepared by local election officials and vary widely across the country and even across individual states.

The marks used depend on the type of ballot, some require you to fill in a circle, others to punch out a box, etc. Electronic ballots don't even use "marks" at all, you just push a button or touch the screen in the appropriate spot.

You mark the ballot by writing an "X" in the circle beside the name of your chosen candidate.

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Write an "X" in the circle beside the name of your chosen candidate

The answer to this question depends entirely on the mechanism used for the election. Many places use paper ballots, which come in a HUGE variety (and, consequently, the method of indicating choice variety widely), while others use mechanical voting machines (where you move a level, or push a button to chose), and still other now use electronic voting machines.

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a cross?

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In most state laws governing which marks count as votes, the marks are referred to as just marks. Marks made in conformance with the law or with the counting skill of the ballot tabulator count as votes, while other marks are referred to in most state law codes as stray marks.

The place you mark is called a voting target. On most modern ballots, the targets are ovals, but on some, they are boxes or a broken arrow where the voter's mark connects the head of the arrow to the tail.

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Q: What do you mark on a federal election ballot?
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What is the name of the government agency that monitors campaign financing?

The Federal Election Commission.

What are grassroots elections?

The grassroots election adopts widely recognized standards, such as a margin election, secret ballot, and ballot counting under public supervision. Grassroots Elections is also a web solutions organization that develops websites for campaigns. Grassroots Elections is located at

How do you get a proposition on the ballot nationally?

There is no way to have a ballot proposition for the entire United States. Some states, such as California, permit "initiative and referendum" which allow citizens to write their own ballot propositions, but not all states do. The government of the Unites States is a "representative republic", not a democracy. Citizens do not vote directly on the issues; citizens elect representatives to act in our names. The Federal government has no provision to allow citizens to vote directly on government policies.

What is the next step after the initiative?

A set number of registered voters sign a petition to put a initiative on the ballot. It then goes to the state election office and they validate the voter petitions. If it passes the correct number of signed registered voters it goes to be written properly for the ballot and written for the ballot. The economic affect of the initiative is also studied and placed with the initiative in the ballot.

Political money is regulated by the federal government according to the?

Federal Election Campaign Act

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What is a ballot paper?

A ballot paper is a physical or electronic document on which voters mark their choice in an election. It lists the candidates or options that voters can choose from, and is used to collect and tabulate the votes cast during an election.

A voter registers a choice in an election with a?

By making a mark (a choice) on a secret ballot paper and placing this in a sealed box.

How can you vote in US national election if you live outside the US and have no US address but pay federal taxes?

Absentee ballot.

When a person votes in an election using a ballot obtained from his county election officer either in person beforehand or by mail it is called what?

When a person votes in an election using a ballot obtained from his county election officer either in person beforehand or by mail what is it called voting by absentee ballot.

How can you vote if you're away when the election is held?

You can vote by absentee ballot. I was living in Germany when I was able to vote for my first presidential election and voted absentee ballot.

A voter registers a choice in an election with a what?


What is an election in just one constituency?

A ballot

What is a list of candidates running for an election?

A Ballot.

What word is used to describe the process of casting a ballot during an election?

The process of casting a ballot during an election is officially called voting.

A piece of paper used for voting?

A ballot is a piece of paper used for voting during an election or survey. It lists the candidates or options to be voted on, and voters mark their choice to indicate their selection. Once completed, the ballot is typically collected and counted to determine the outcome of the voting process.

What type of election ballot lists the candidates according to the office they are seeking?

an office block ballot

How are independent candidate placed on the general ballot in an election?

minor parties are placed on ballot by petition