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concurrent server is a server which can handle multiple requests at a time.

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Q: What do you mean by concurrent server?
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Difference between concurrent processing and parallel processing in computer architecture?

concurrent processing deals with N-client single server whereas parallel supports N-client N-server

What does concurrent mean math wise?

In geometry, three or more lines are said to be concurrent if they intersect at a single point.

Does XAMPP support concurrent access?

Xampp is made primarily to be used as a local server. It supports concurrent access to the best of my knowledge, however it will most likely be a slow solution. Access can be granted to multiple machines, however this will only work if the xampp server is active on the host machine. This poses many significant security risks.

What does it mean for three lines to be concurrent?

Concurrent lines or line segments occur when 3 or more lines meet at the same point

What powers are shared by the federal and the state governments?


How do you find a server?

What do you mean by find a server. Like a private server?

What is the word 'server' when translated from English to Indonesian?

If you mean server a in computer server, it is just 'server' but pronounced as serfer. But if you mean server as in to serve something, it is 'menyajikan'.Server as in computer server is just called server. Because it is an adapted word from English vocabulary.

What is the main advantage to developers using the CVS server?

A cvs, in other words concurrent versions system, is a system which allows all producers to see files edited and changed. Anything adapted on the server can be seen by a vision control system.

What is powers shared by states and federal governments called?

Concurrent Powers

What are concurrent connections?

The number of authenticated "handshakes" between a client and/or server during any given time before all communications have been disconnected whether by force or by refusal.

Which powers ar shared between national and state governments?

Concurrent Powers

Granting a charter to a corporation is an example of this type of power?

Concurrent powers