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The writer wants the Indians to live like he does or like others like he does.

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Q: What do you think it means when the document asks Indians to adopt habits of a civilized life?
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Many white reformers believed that native Americans should?

Be "civilized" and adopt white culture.

What is it called when people adopt the mannerisms or habits of other people?

It is called mirroring or mimicking when people adopt the mannerisms or habits of other people. This behavior is often unconscious and can help build rapport or establish connections with others.

Can east indians be rednecks?

When they adopt to the culture of the Rednecks, the East Indians can become Rednecks.

What do subarctic indians do for traditions?

They adopt and adapt as we all do.

Why did Sacajawea have clark adopt baby?

Because it wasnt the Indians it was his.

Franciscan missionaries insisted that Indians converts?

abandon their former ways of life and adopt everything from spanish culture and life

When the Spanish forced the Indians to adopt a sedentary lifestlye how did that affect the ability of the Spanish to convert the Indians?

The mesoamerican native, was sedentary when the Spanish arrived to this part of the world, so they did not force them to be sedentary the Indians that were not sedentary were the chichimecas, or the American Indian or native American.

Can east indians do whatever rednecks do and not adopt to the rednecks culture and call themselves rednecks?

Although they can call themselves rednecks, in order to be a true redneck an east Indian would have to not only do what every rednecks do and adopt their culture as well.

What does assimilation include?

It is a process in which people who have come to live in another country, adopt the language, culture, habits and values and nationality - and sometimes also the religion - of that country's native inhabitants.

What do you mean by he imprinted on her as brother?

Usually when you imprint on someone it means you emulate them and try to adopt their habits and such. In your question it sounds as if she accepted him more as a brither than as a friend or love interest.

Is it necessary to adopt Indian dress and Hindu food restrictions to be a Vedantist?

No. Habits of dressing and eating are cultural things, not spiritual things. The Vedanta philosophy is universal, it can be adapted to any culture and time.

What was the first attempt by Americans to adopt a constitution?

The Americans implemented the Articles of Confederation as the first form of constitution. However, this document established a very weak form of government.