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The sun in that was in his quotation represented the new nation of the United States!

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I think that the sun in Franklin's quotation means something about food.

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Q: What do you think the sun represents in Franklins quotation?
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What do you think the sun in franklins quotation?

I have the happiness to know that it is a rising of the sun.

What does the sun represent in the Franklins quotation?

In Benjamin Franklin's quotation, the rising sun on George Washington's chair represents America.

What do the symbols on the aboriginal flag represent?

the black represents i dont know, the yellow represents the sun and the red represents blood i think :)

What did the sun represent in Franklin's quotation?

I think that the sun in Franklin's quotation means that people all over the world need to realize that we the people need to rise and we can do that only if everyone as an union helps in,so if everyone pitches in then we wont fail but we will succeed.

What does the red circle on Japan's flag represent?

it represents faith It represents the Rising Sun.

The sun in the middle of the flag of Argentina represents what?

The flag in the middle of the flag is called the sun of may. May is when the revolution took place. Therefore the sun on the flag represents the military flag for Argentina, this is why some flags do not include the sun.

What does a Aztec sun medallion represent?

Represents sun

What do the colors on the Aboriginal flag mean?

The colors on the Aboriginal Flag mean:Black - Represents the Aboriginal peopleRed - Represents the Earth and the spiritual relationship with the land, andYellow - Represents the Sun, the giver of life.

What does the sun and moon symbol mean?

A Sun and moon symbol usually represents opposite forces. The Sun represents strength, power, wisdom, and authority. The moon represents mystery, emotion and both the conscious and unconscious.

What does a sun represent?

The sun represents life or a powerful life-force.

what do the colors of Japan's flag represents?

The white represents Japan itself while the red represents the red sun.

What period represents elements on the sun the most on the periodic table?

Period-1 represents elements of the sun. This period constitutes hydrogen and helium.