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The Constitution is the framework for the US government.

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Q: What document is the framework for the US government?
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What document sets up the framework for the US government?


What Document for government that the US still follow today?

The constitution is the framework for government today.

What was the document that served as an outline or framework for the US government and still exists today?

The Constitution of The United States.

Which document preceded the Constitution as the framework for the nation's new government?

which document preceded the constitution as the frameworkfor the nations new government

What provided the framework for establishment of a national government?

In the US, the Articles of Confederation provided the first framework for a national government.

What document set up us current government?

The United States Constitution was the document that established the Federal system of government. The US Constitution was, in its time, a revolutionary document that recognized the freedoms of its citizens. At the time of its ratification, most of the world's established countries did not have the freedoms the the US Constitution recognized.

Which document is best described of the democratic principles rather that a framework of government?

Declaration of Independence

The document that sets forth the framework of a government and its relationship to the people it governs is?

An executive order

What is the US Contitution for?

The constitution is a framework for government. It tells us what we can do in government as well as what each branch can not do.

Which document is best described as a statement of democratic prinicples rather than a framework for government?

The Declaration Of Independence

If a case involves the constitution which court hears the case?

No. The US Constitution is a document that creates a framework for our government and guidelines for our laws. The courts use the Constitution to interpret law.

Is the US a constitutional?

Yes. The government is using a constitution as the framework.