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Q: What document made states too powerful?
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Who was the chief complaint of conservatives against the new deal?

It made the government too powerful

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Which group feared the central government would be too powerful and take power away from states?


What group feared the constitution would make the central government too powerful and weaken the states?


What was the first document that outlined the US government but failed because it gave too much power to the states?

It was the articles of confederation

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Why did the framers of the constitution didn't want the federal government to become too powerful?

They made a rule about it. If you know someone is becoming to powerful you just read the rule.

Did the signers of the Declaration of Independence agree with everything in the document?

No, many of the signers had reservations about parts of it. Some felt it was too big of a step, others that it attacked the King too strongly. But when the whole document was put up for vote, the states ratified it and the delegates signed.

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Why did member of the American liberty league oppose the new deal?

they believed it made government too powerful

Why did the member of the American Liberty league oppose the new deal?

they believed it made government too powerful

Why did members of the American Liberty League oppose the New Deal?

they believed it made government too powerful