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Your right to not testify in court against yourself. If your testimony will incriminate you, or find you guilty, you have the right to take the Fifth Amendment and choose not testify.

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Q: What does Admendment 5 of the US Constitution guarantee or protect?
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What is the first 10 admendment to the US Constitution called?

That would be the Bill of Rights.

Which amendment to the us constitution establishes the right of free speech religion and assembly and petition?

1st Admendment

What Factors guarantee a justices independence?

The US Constitution and state constituions

Which amendment of the US Constitution guarantees freedom of access to information?

There is no guarantee of freedom of access to information in the Constitution.

Which rights does the US Constitution NOT guarantee?

the right to own a home :P

The Bill of Rights was added to the US Constitution to guarantee a set of personal liberties to American citizens These included freedom of the press, freedom from government-established or -suppor?

It was good to protect the freedom of individuals.

Which right is recognized by some state constitution but absent in the us constitution?

the guarantee of equal rights between men and women

What must the president protect?

He promises to protect the US Constitution when he is sworn into office.

How many admendment have been added to the constitution up to the present day?

As of 2017 the US Constitution has 27 amendments. 33 have been passed by the US Congress, but 6 of them were never ratified by the requisite number of states - leaving just the extant 27 amendments.

What does the amendment five of the constitution protect us from?

rights of the accused

Which explains why the bill of rights was added to the US constitution?

To guarantee certain freedoms for American citizens.

What explains why the Bill of Rights added to the US Constitution?

To guarantee certain freedoms for American citizens.