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When the time for ending the poll tax comes for the year.

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Q: What does End of poll tax mean?
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What is a pull tax?

I believe you mean a "poll" tax, which was a tax on voting, basically...

What kind of tax is a pole tax?

I think you mean a "poll" tax. "Poll" is a term often used to refer to voting. A poll tax would be a tax you paid for the privilege of voting. Poll taxes were often used in US history to keep the poor and minorities from voting. They are now illegal in the United States.

What tax was outlawed by the 24th amendment?

the Poll tax

What is a tax on voters?

In the constitution, Tax on voters is called Poll tax

which governor wanted poll tax to end in the 1940's?

ellis arnall

What kind of tax is a poll tax?

A Poll tax is a direct tax. A poll tax, head tax, or capitation is a tax of a uniform, fixed amount per individual (as opposed to a percentage of income).

What term refers to a tax that people have to pay before being allowed to vote?

A fixed tax to be paid before a person could vote was and is called a poll tax. Because it is a fixed amount per person, it could also be called a Head Tax.

What is poll tax?

The poll tax, a capital tax levied equally on every adult in the community.

When did Mississippi poll tax end and how much was it?

It was $2 and was declared illegal in April 1966.

Who made poll tax?

Benjamin Franklin was the first who had started the poll tax

When did Poll Tax Riots happen?

Poll Tax Riots happened in 1990.

What was poll tax during Reconstruction?

The poll tax was proof that tax payments were made. Poll taxes were required in many Southern states in order to vote.