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That is the status of all graduates of the Naval Academy. They graduated with The Bachelor of Science degree. All graduates receive a Bachelor of Science Degree.

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Q: What does Graduated the us naval academy with a BS mean?
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Where did Jimmy Carter go to college?

Jimmy Carter went to United States Naval Academy (BS)

Where did Ross Perot go to college?

Ross Perot went to Texarkana CollegeUnited States Naval Academy (BS)

Where did Amy McGrath go to college?

Amy McGrath went to United States Naval Academy (BS)Georgetown University (GradCert)Johns Hopkins University (MA)

DID Jimmy Carter go to school or did his teacher teach him?

Former president Jimmy Carter began high school in 1939. He graduated in 1941 and went to Georgia Tech. He transferred to the Naval Academy in 1943.

What kind of college did jimmy cater go to?

U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, BS-Nuclear Engineering (peanut farming was in his blood). (And we assume you mean Jimmy Carter.) He also attended Georgia Southwestern College, and took some courses at Georgia Tech as well.

Where did Ulysses S. Grant go to college?

Grant attended the US Military academy at West Point , New York, entering in May, 1839 and graduating in 1843. He graduated 21st in his class of 39.

What college did Barack O'bama and John McCain go to?

John McCain attended the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis and received his BS in 1958. He didn't flunk out, graduating in 1958 at the bottom of his class of almost 900. His class rank was 894 of 899 After returning from Vietnam, he went to the National War College in Washington DC. Hope this helps. Mr. McCain did not go to college understanding college in its traditional meaning. He went to a military academy, where he graduated as occupying the number 694 in his class. Keep in mind that the class graduated 699 cadets that year.

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You can have a B.S. in engineering, which is a way of saying you graduated college in engineering with a "Bachelors of Science" degree.

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