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Johnny promises Mr. Hancock a sugar basin (done by Monday).

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Q: What does Johnny Tremain promise mr Hancock?
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What happen when Johnny Tremain took the tea cup to Mr Lyte?

He took it and had Johnny arrested

What is Johnny Tremain's family tree?

Johnny Tremain's family tree includes his parents, Mrs. and Mr. Lyte, his grandfather's family, with his deceased parents, and his uncle Mr. Lapham, Mrs. Lapham, and their daughters, Cilla and Isannah.

What did mr. lapham tell johnny to do instead of work on the silver for mr Hancock?

so he could find something else to do

Who are the main characters in Johnny Tremain?

The main character in "Johnny Tremain" is Johnny Tremain, a young apprentice silversmith who becomes involved in the American Revolutionary War. Other key characters include Rab Silsbee, a fellow apprentice and friend of Johnny, Mr. Lapham, Johnny's master silversmith, and Cilla Lapham, Mr. Lapham's granddaughter who becomes a significant person in Johnny's life.

What job did Johnny get in the book Johnny Tremain?

Johnny Tremain becomes an apprentice to a silversmith, Mr. Lapham, in the book "Johnny Tremain." He learns the trade and works as a talented silversmith before joining the colonial forces during the American Revolution.

Why did johnny agree to take on the order for John Hancock's sugar basin in Johnny Tremain?

Because of his confidence in his ability to tackle a difficult job, and because Mrs. Lapbam encourages him to accept the job.

Who is mr tweedie in Johnny Tremain?

the man who ms. lapham wanted to marry one of her older daughters off to

What is the chapter 3 in johnny tremain all about?

In Chapter 3 of "Johnny Tremain," Johnny becomes an apprentice to Mr. Lapham, a silversmith, and learns the trade of creating silver items. He experiences both triumphs and challenges in his apprenticeship, as he strives to prove his skills and work his way up in the silversmith shop. The chapter highlights Johnny's determination to succeed despite facing difficulties.

What did Mr Lapham tell Johnny to do instead of work on the silver for Mr Hancock?

so he could find something else to do

In Johnny Tremain what was Reb's opinion of Mr Lyte?

Reb from "Johnny Tremain" believed Mr. Lyte was unjust and deceitful. He saw Mr. Lyte as someone who exploited others for his own gain and manipulated situations to his advantage. Reb had a deep distrust of Mr. Lyte's character and motives.

What action did Mrs Lapham and Dorcas take in Johnny Tremain?

Dorcas eloped with Frizel Jr. and Mrs. Lapham married Mr. Tweedie.

In Johnny Tremain what was the justices decision in the case that Mr Lyte brought against Johnny?

The girl he liked was saying she remembered the silver cup he showed her. Mr Lyte said "you're biased, you love him!" "No I do not" she said. The judge said "It takes great courage for a girl to stand up against her own landlord, you have scant evidence, Mr. Lyte, Johnny is innocent!"