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The reason Abraham Lincoln wrote the Gettysburg Address is because he was reminding people about the billions of people that died from the Battle of Gettysburg during the American Civil War. Also because he was asked to speak a few words at the dedication ceremony for the Soldiers National Cemetery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. And because he hates you.

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Because he was asked to.

The committee for the consecration of the National Cemetary at Gettysburg had planned a, well, consecration of the cemetary and had invited one of the most famous and popular orators of the day, Edward Everett, to give a two-hour oration. Lincoln, as president, was also invited to give a few brief remarks after Everett's speech.

No one really expected much from these; the centerpiece of the afternoon was definitely to be the oration, and Lincoln's remarks were intended more or less just to convey the official blessings of the US government on the proceedings.

The modern consensus, though, is that Lincoln knocked it out of the park. The day after, Everett wrote to Lincoln and said, in part, "I should be glad if I could flatter myself that I came as near to the central idea of the occasion, in two hours, as you did in two minutes."

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To emphasize that the United States was founded on the principle of freedom for all people. - Apex

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He reminds people that the United States was founded on the principle of freedom for all people

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Q: What does Lincoln accomplish by referring to the Declaration of Independence?
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Did Abraham Lincoln sing the declaratiom of independence?

No, the Declaration of Independence was signed about 33 years before Abraham Lincoln was born.

Did Lincoln help draft the Declaration of Independence?

He was part of the Continental Congress that helped provide ideas that should be included. The writing was done by Thomas Jefferson with Benjamin Franklin adding more input. Washington's leadership skills were recognized by the Continental Congress who appointed him to lead the American Revolutionary war as the top general.

What is the value of a Declaration of Independence facsimilie signed by John Hay in 1902?

The fact that it's a Declaration of Independence facsimile makes little difference - it could be a laundry list, but John Hay was a highly regarded public servant of his day, originally secretary to Abraham Lincoln, and eventually Secretary of State under McKinley and Teddy Roosevelt. If it is his authentic signature, it is worth some money to a collector, yes - though I have no idea how much.

Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence claims that all men are created equal According to Jefferson who was fully able to enjoy the rights of the future America?

NO. The slaves were not granted their freedom until the emanciaption proclamation of Abraham Lincoln in early 1862.

How are the House Divided speech and the Declaration of Independence related?

Abraham Lincoln gave his "House Divided" speech on June 17, 1858, when he was running for senator in Illinois. He lost the election to the incumbent Stephen Douglas, but beat Douglas and two others to be elected President in 1860. Where the Declaration of Independence stressed the right of a people to sovereignty, Lincoln was saying that the Southern states wanted their own laws that conflicted with those of the other states of the Union, to which they had freely joined. He said that the US must either have slavery legal everywhere, or illegal everywhere. The courts at the time had been confusingly inconsistent on the right of one person to enslave another, as occurred in the South. But Northern abolitionists were pressing to end slavery completely, to the detriment of the agriculturally-dependent South.

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Did Abe sign the Declaration of Independence?

If by "Abe" you're referring to Abraham Lincoln, then the answer is no. The Declaration was signed in 1776, while Abe Lincoln wasn't even born until 1809.

Why did Abraham Lincoln write his name so big on the Declaration of Independence?

Lincoln did not sign the declaration of independence.

What did Abraham Lincoln sign the Declaration of Independence for?

Lincoln did NOT sign the Declaration of Independence. It was signed in 1776, and Lincoln was not born until 1809.

What event is the President talking about when he states our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation?

Lincoln was referring to the declaration of independence from Britain but the colonists in 1776.

Did Abraham Lincoln sign the US Constitution or the Declaration of Independence?

Abraham Lincoln did not sign The Declaration of Independence. It was signed in 1776 and the US Constitution was signed in 1787, before Lincoln was born (1809).

How did the Declaration of Independence influence Abraham Lincoln's speeches?

You did

Was Abraham Lincoln alive when the Declaration of Independence wrote?

No. Abraham Lincoln was born February 12, 1809, and the Declaration of Independence was written somewhere between June and July 1776.

On what principle from the Declaration of Independence did Lincoln base the Emancipation Proclamation?

Lincoln didn't use the Declaration of Independence for the emancipation proclamation. The Declaration of Independence was a letter to the king telling why the colonies were declaring independence.

Did Abraham Lincoln sing the declaratiom of independence?

No, the Declaration of Independence was signed about 33 years before Abraham Lincoln was born.

In what ways are the Declaration of Independence and Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address similar?

Lincoln refers to the Declaration and quotes from it in the first line of his address.

Who was the most caring signer of the declaration of independence?

Abraham Lincoln

Did Lincoln sign the decloration of independence?

It would have been impossible for Abraham Lincoln to sign the Declaration of Independence. The document was signed in 1776 and Lincoln wasn't born until 1809.