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He learns that she has passed away due to grief over him not returning home.

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Q: What does Odysseus learn about his mother when he travels to the underworld?
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What does Odysseus learn has happened to his mother?

She has died while he was at war. Odysseus sees his mother Anticlea in the underworld.

What does Odysseus learn about his mother when he visits the land of dead?

Odysseus learns that his mother died of grief and pain of her son not returning back.

What does Odysseus learn in hades?

That his mother died, and that suitors are after his wife.

Where must Odysseus go to learn his way home?

He must go to the Underworld and talk to Tiresias (the blind prophet- same one from Oedipus).

What does the audience learn about Odysseus from his shipmate Elenor and his mother in book 11?

From his shipmate Elenor and his mother in Book 11 of Homer's "Odyssey," the audience learns that Odysseus is a respected and admired leader among his peers. Elenor recounts Odysseus's bravery and cunning during their journey. His mother's reaction reveals her deep love for her son and concern for his well-being.

What dies telemachus learn about his mother when he returns to ithaca?

Telemachus learns that his mother, Penelope, has remained faithful to his father, Odysseus, despite the suitors' advances. He also realizes her strength and cunning in dealing with the suitors while waiting for Odysseus' return.

Who must Odysseus consult to learn his destiny?

Odysseus talk to athena and athena tells him

What does odysseus learn from Agamemnon?

not to trust women

What does Odysseus learn in the underworld that troubles him?

he learns that he must sail past kylla and kyribdis and either lose all of his men to the whirlpool kyribdis or let kylla take 6 of his men (one for each head). i may have mixed up the names.

What does Odysseus learn in the underworld?

This is a part of the Odyssey subject to many interpretations. Some people say he needed to go there to learn to accept death, others that he had to see the ghosts to remind him he shouldn't waste his life (doing things like staying with Circe for a year). Most things you can come up with will also be perfectly good lessons.

What do you do after you get the pipe an learn the song on mythology island?

go to the underworld and play it on the dogs

Why do you have to research about Cerberus?

To learn something of how the ancient people of Greece thought of the Underworld.