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(Essentially that

theory was the servant of practical political necessity. ì. . . While the shades of Locke and Montesquieu

may have been hovering in the background, and the delegates may have been unconscious instruments of a

transcendent telos, the careful observer of the day-to-day work of the Convention finds no overarching

principles. The separation of powers to him seems to be a by-product of suspicion, and federalism he

views as a pis aller, as the furthest point the delegates felt they could go in the destruction of state power

without themselves inviting repudiation.î

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Q: What does Roche feel was the role of political theory at the Constitutional Convention?
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Major political constraints operating during the constitutional convention of 1787?

John P. Roche means that the Constitutional Convention had to operate with great delicacy and skill in a political cosmos full of enemies to achieve one definitive goal.

How democratic were the founding fathers or did they create the Constitution only to fit their needs?

Charles Beard and John P. Roche give marvellous (opposing) opinons on this issue. Beard's writings can be found online in full (see first link below) but, as Roche is still alive he still is trying to make money off his ideas. Find "The Founding Fathers: A Reform Caucus in Action" in a library or at a book store for more info. (In other words, decide for yourself). -Political scientist John P. Roche asserts that the Founding Fathers were not only revolutionaries but also superb democratic politicians who created a Constitution that supported the needs of the nation and at the same time was acceptable to the people.

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How did the Founding Fathers design the Constitution to protect their own economic interests?

The problem with this question is that it assumes that the gentlemen who wrote the constitution had one set of interests which were against those of some other segment (presumeably the majority) of the population. This is modern left wing Marxist nonsense. The Constitution established a government which could protect the rights, both political and economic, of the citizens of the country and thereby, hopefully, insure the safety and prosperity of the country as a whole. Various aspects of the constitution deal with financial and economic matters that were meant to help assure a smoothly functioning economy that would benefit all segments of society. For instance, congress is given the authority to establish uniform bankruptcy rules throughout the country. That meant that all lenders and all debtors everywhere knew what legal protections there were for the repayment of debts. That made it much less risky for lenders to lend, and much easier for people both rich and poor to borrow. That helped the free flow of capital to start and maintain businesses and farms and thus protected everyones economic interests. The constitution also says that all debts that were contracted before it was ratified were still legally valid. This also protected everybody. If all of the debts, both private debts and those engaged by the government, had been rendered invalid by the adiption of the constitution ot would have caused a tremendous economic upheaval. Some left leaning theorists would say, "Yay, all the small farmers got out from under their debts!" But that would have put all the banks and other money lenders out of business and then there would have been no capital to keep all those farms and small businesses running. The whole economy would have come to a screeching halt. Thus the clause protected all interests, no just those of one segemnt of the population. The "Takings" clause of the fifth amendment prevents the congress from siezing property without paying a fair price for it. It doesn't matter if the property is a vast corporation or a tiny plot of ground, the government can't take it away from you without paying for it. Since about 90% of the free population were landowners, and the rest had land available to them if they wanted to work it, this clearly protected everyone as well.Michael Montagne Read Charles Beard and John Roche and decide for yourself.

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Major political constraints operating during the constitutional convention of 1787?

John P. Roche means that the Constitutional Convention had to operate with great delicacy and skill in a political cosmos full of enemies to achieve one definitive goal.

What does Roche mean when he describes the Constitutional Convention of 1787 as a democratic reform caucus?

Because the 55 (39 Agreed with it) delegates that drafted the constitution gave American a new reform of Government

What has the author Declan Roche written?

Declan Roche has written: 'Restorative Justice (The International Library of Essays in Law and Legal Theory)'

What does John Roche see as the motivation for the founding fathers?

John Roche saw the founding fathers as democratic politicians and nationalists. Their motivations, according to Roche, were to try to create the best system they could. However, the delegates at the Constitutional Convention were sometimes limited due to the force of public opinion, as the constitution needed to be ratified by the people.

What was the primary motive for writing the Constitution according to John P Roche?

He believes that the primary motivation for writing the constitution was political.

What has the author John Pearson Roche written?

John Pearson Roche has written: 'The quest for the dream; he development of civil rights and human relations in modern America' -- subject(s): Minorities, Politics and government, Social conditions 'The dynamics of democratic government' 'The quest for the dream' -- subject(s): Social conditions, Civil rights, Minorities 'Sentenced to life' -- subject(s): Constitutional law, Politics and government 'The early development of United States citizenship' 'American political thought from Jefferson to progressivism' -- subject(s): History, Political science 'Shadow and substance' -- subject(s): Addresses, essays, lectures, History, Political science, Politics and government

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