What does Tennessee mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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doesit mean anything

It is believed to mean: The Bends Place.

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Q: What does Tennessee mean?
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What does Tennessee mean to me?

Gee, let me read your mind to see -- Tennessee means nothing at all to you.

What does THP mean on cars?

Tennessee Highway Patrol

What does a dream about Tennessee mean?

More information about the dream itself would be needed to provide a meaningful interpretation. For example, this might be a dream about escaping FROM Tennessee, or a dream about longing to GO TO Tennessee; it might refer to Tennessee whiskey or to Tennessee barbeque or to Tennessee politics. A nightmare about Tennessee would have a very different meaning than a joyful dream about Tennessee.

Is cst western Tennessee or eastern Tennessee?

Assuming you mean Central Standard Time, that is west Tennessee. Memphis, Jackson, Nashville are all in the Central time zone.

Who was the first African American football player at univ of Tennessee?

What do you mean by "Tennessee"? The Tennessee Titans? Or the University of Tennessee? If the University, what sport?

What does TVA mean?

TVA means Tennessee Valley Authority.

What is the state hood for Tennessee?

1796, if you mean when did TN become a state.

What does Tennessee's motto mean?

it means to think to do some work and then eat

What does the abbreviation GS mean for case type in Tennessee law?

The abbreviation GS means General Sessions Court for case type in Tennessee law.

Can you carry a gun in Tennessee with a Georgia fun permit?

Assuming you mean "gun" permit, yes, the state of Tennessee recognizes gun permits from any state.

What does the 3 stars on the TN state flag mean?

The Tennessee constitution defines the "Grand Divisions" of Tennessee as East Tennessee, Central Tennessee and West Tennessee. The three stars in the Tennessee flag represent the three Grand Divisions of the state. The blue circle around the stars represents the unity of the "Grand Divisions" of the state.

Has there ever been a man who drank beer in Tennessee and then peed in Georgia?

Yes if you're asking has a man drank beer before in Tennessee and later peed in Georgia. If you mean like literally peed from Tennessee to Georgia then no obviously.