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The word 'derive' basically means to trace from a source of origin. According to mathematics, to derive a particular statement is to use or apply logic, which can be done by beginning from the recognized facts.

Like an educated guess.

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Q: What does They derive powers mean?
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What is resulting powers?

Resulting Powers derive from the mass of delegated powers or from a group of them. They are an extension of implied powers.

How do governments derive their power according to Jefferson?

Governments derive their powers from the consent of the governed.

What economic benefits did the imperial powers derive from their colonial empires?

Benefits for Imperial Powers

Where do local governments derive their powers from in the state of Michigan?

The people

What does Jefferson say from which governments derive their powers?

from providence

Who does the declaration say that governments derive their just powers to govern?

The People.

Why is the sample standard deviation used to derive the standard error of the mean?

the sample mean is used to derive the significance level.

How do you derive the mean of generalised pareto distribution?

To derive the mean of generalized Pareto distribution you must be good with numbers. You must be good in Calculus, Algebra and Statistics.

Where did the word turkey derive from?

what does Tukki in Hebrew mean

Does the federal government derive its power to govern from the US Constitution?

Yes. The division of federal and state powers is outlined in the Constitution.

What powers does the federal bureaucracy have?

The federal bureaucracy is considered part of the executive branch, and has powers that derive from that. there is no single power that it has: it is broken up into various departments, each of which has its own mission, with various powers allocated to each by policy, convention, or law.

What does traho mean in latin?

I drag, draw, haul, derive, or get.