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it is a court saying you have to under stand court laws and stuff to under stand it .

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Q: What does To be humble to superiors is duty to equals courtesy to inferiors nobleness mean?
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What is horizontal relationship?

Horizontal relationship is a relationship between equals, as opposed to a relationship between superiors and inferiors (vertical relationship). Source:

The life of Dr. Gilbert R. Arce the new president of UNP?

There are two significant quotations that is relevant to the actions illuminated by the president of UNP in his on-going reign.First, the quotation of Benjamin Franklin that states that tobe humble to superiors is duty, to equals courtesy, to inferiorsnobleness .And, Wayne Dyer on how people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.

What does it mean that all people are brothers and sisters?

The quote implicitly means that humans should see each other as equals and partners rather than superiors and inferiors. It is also a push to ignore distinctions such as race, sex/sexual identity, language, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity and other dividing lines that separate people from one another.

What does Chan mean it Japanese?

-chan is a suffix that can be attached to the names of people to express a degree of endearment, or to social equals/inferiors. It is often, but not exclusively, used for women/girls.

What are Quaker pronouns?

The second person personal pronouns: Nominative singular: Thou Nominative plural: Ye Objective singular: Thee Objective plural: You Dating from the Middle Ages in England, the plural form for the second person pronoun began to be used to show respect to superiors, then for equals as a courtesy. As the new world became inhabited by English settlers, these pronouns came with them. Eventually, this practice fell into disuse (perhaps a sign of an evolving culture) except in certain communities in England and Pennsylvania, and among the Quakers. By the beginning of the 20th century, the use of the singular/plural forms had almost disappeared with the exception of some very rural communities and the Quakers. Today, the second person 'you' is used for singular and plural, subjective and objective.

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