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electricity causes an electromagnetic field, also radiation.

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Q: What does electricity cause?
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How charges cause static electricity?

Charges cause static electricity by charges

What does the resistance of the flow of electrons cause?

it cause no electricity because of the resistance but.... if your question was..... "the caused by the flow of electrons" then the answer well be ( it cause electricity )

Can static electricity cause blisters?

No, static electricity typically does not cause blisters. Blisters are usually caused by friction, burns, or skin irritation. Static electricity can cause a shock sensation or spark, but it is not associated with blister formation.

What does static electricity and current electricity have in common?

Static electricity and current electricity both involve the movement of electrical charge. In static electricity, charges build up on objects without flowing, while in current electricity, charges flow continuously in a closed circuit. Both types of electricity can result in the attraction or repulsion of objects due to the presence of opposite or like charges.

Why does electricity cause pollution?

it doesn't, but fossil fuels used to produce electricity do

What is the main cause of electricity?


What does the behavior of electrons cause?


Can static electricity cause a sand storm?

No, static electricity cannot cause a sandstorm. Sandstorms are typically caused by natural weather phenomena such as strong winds lifting and carrying sand particles into the air. Static electricity results from the build-up of electric charge on the surface of objects.

Can neutrons cause static electricity?

No. The movement of electrons is what causes electricity, and neutrons take no part in it.

Why oil conduct electricity?

because the electricity would create a reaction that would cause fires

What will cause a dangerous shock when mixed with electricity?

Water is a good conductor of electricity, so coming into contact with water while electricity is present can result in a dangerous shock. Other conductive materials, such as metal, can also cause a dangerous shock when in contact with electricity.

Electricity will not generally cause?

Electricity will not generally cause harm if properly managed and insulated. However, direct contact with electric current can cause electric shock, burns, or even death. It is important to follow safety protocols and use appropriate protective gear when working with electricity.