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I think you mean Framers of the Constitution.

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Framers of the constitution are those people that were responsible for crafting the constitution. They were entrusted with the task of writing an all-inclusive constitution.

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they were the people who first wrote the constitution

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Q: What does farmers of the constitution mean?
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Why do you think the farmers were silent on the issue of slavery in the wording of the Constitution?

Because farmers needed slaves to pick cotton, Dumb a$$, did you mean Framers?

What did all of the farmers of the constitution agree to before the constitution?

To work in secret.

What was the source of ideas for the farmers of the Constitution?


What did farmers learn from the Articles of Confederation?

The FARMERS is incorrect. It is the FRAMERS of the US Constitution. Please see:What did the Framers of the US Constitution learn from the Articles of Confederation?

What helped influence the farmers in developing the constitution?

Your mom. She got a time machine and went back in time and the farmers saw her and got scared so they signed the constitution.

What did the farmers of the constitution agreed to before the convention?

To work in secret.

One of the farmers was called the father of the constitution who was he?

It Is James Madison

What was the challenge that the farmers faced when setting out to write the constitution?


Eoconomic reason farmers avoided slavery question?

Economic reason the farmers in the Constitution avoided the slavery question

What does it mean when someone calls you a farmers daughter?

it mean that you are a farmers daughter

Why did the farmers of the constitution create system of checks and balances?

because of power

Why did the farmers of the Constitution create the checks and balance system?

because of power