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in the Declaration of Independence what is good government means

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Q: What does good government mean in the declaration of independence?
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What does the statement of beliefs in the declaration of independence mean?

They mean that the people have a right to choose the government and when the government doesn't serve the people they have the right to change the government.

What happened after the declaration of independence had been published in the Independence Hall?

What does the Declaration of Independence mean

What did the Declaration of Independence mean?

That the colonist wanted independence from Britain .

The Declaration of Independence states that governmental powers come from the consent of the govern What does this mean in the U.S. system of government?

The government receives its authority to act from the people.

What do the rights mean in the declaration of independence?

what is fair

What does the term engrossed mean in the declaration of independence?


What does the text mean in the declaration of independence?


What does the natural rights mean in the declaration of independence?

That the government should protect the rights of their citizens.

What is the insignificance of the Declaration of Independence?

If you mean significance. It is the basis for our laws.

Did people hate the Declaration of Independence?

some people did bc their mean

Did John Marshall sign the Declaration of Independence?

yes he did but he was really mean about it:);)

What does the Declaration have to do with black Americans?

I assume you mean the Declaration of Independence. The assumption of the document is that all men are created equal. Therefore, the Declaration of Independence impacts Black Americans the same as White, or Latino etc.