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government is a nessesary evil

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Q: What does henry david Thoreau mean when he calls government an expedient in civil disobedience?
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Why is david Henrie famous?

Among many things, Henry David Thoreau is widely known for his transcendentalist philosophical writings such as Walking and Walden, which reflected upon the simplicity, beauty and spirituality of mother earth- nature.Henry David Thoreau was also well known for his essay, Civil Disobedience, where he calls for individual resistance to a government when the individual is in moral opposition to said governments practices. Henry David Thoreau practiced Civil Disobedience in the form of not paying his government taxes to protest Slavery and The Mexican American War and was thrown into jail.

Why is Henry David Thoreau famous?

Henry David Thoreau is famous for his writings on nature, individualism, and civil disobedience. His most well-known work, "Walden," details his experience living simply in nature, and his essay on civil disobedience has inspired movements for social and political change around the world. Thoreau's philosophical ideas continue to influence environmentalism, literature, and activism.

A Plea for Captain John Brown by Thoreau?

"A Plea for Captain John Brown" is an essay by Henry David Thoreau in support of the abolitionist John Brown's raid at Harpers Ferry. Thoreau argues that Brown's actions were motivated by a higher moral cause and condemns the institution of slavery. He calls on individuals to stand up for their principles and resist unjust laws.

How does Thoreau answer the questions implied in title Where you Lived What you Lived For?

He calls on man to abandon their striving, materialistic existences of 'quiet desperation' for a simple life within their means.

Why did Bando call Sam Thoreau in My Side of the Mountain?

Bando called Sam Thoreau in "My Side of the Mountain" to ask for help in locating Sam Gribley, who had been staying in the wild for a long time and was thought to be missing. Sam Thoreau was a forest ranger who knew the area well and could assist in the search and rescue mission.

Which philosophical theory calls for government control and ownership of the natural resources of a nation?

Socialism is the philosophical theory that calls for government control and ownership of the natural resources of a nation.

What is A government official who calls for government control of all sectors of society advocating?

A government is a group of persons elected or selected to rule a country or state.

Is it true the government can listen in on calls and phone activities any time legally?

Not really, but i have herd some things that the new phone company (cricket) does record your phone calls.

Why does Thoreau call Walden pond a lower heaven?

Thoreau calls Walden Pond a "lower heaven" because he found solace, inspiration, and connection to something higher while living there. He believed that the simplicity and tranquility of the natural world at Walden Pond allowed him to experience a sense of spiritual fulfillment and enlightenment, akin to the happiness and peace associated with heaven.

Can the US government monitor cell phone calls and emails of individuals?


What led to widespread calls for greater government involvement in the economy?

The Great Depression

What political system calls for government of the economy?

Communism is the political system that called for government control of the economy.