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The author illustrates a political opinion or point that is directly related to the real world.

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Q: What does it mean for a work of fiction to be overtly political?
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When may a work of ficiton be described as overtly political?

when it takes scientific problems such as global warming and talks about it like it is poliical

Why would a writer choose to advance a political idea in a work of fiction?

Fiction has a wider audience than nonfiction.

Who agrees that all work of fiction is political?

Some readers might claim ;) apex!

Is it possible for a work of fiction to be free of political commentary?

The answer depends on the perspective of individual authors and readers.

A writer's beliefs perspectives and assumptions usually manifest in a work of fiction but almost always in form?

A writer's beliefs, perspectives, and assumptions typically manifest in a work of fiction through the themes, character interactions, and plot choices. These elements are shaped by the writer's worldview and values, allowing them to subtly influence the narrative without being overtly stated.

Was saki work fiction or non fiction?


Is Black Beauty fiction or non-fiction?

Anna Sewell's book is a work of fiction .

Is al Capone does my shirts fiction or non-fiction?

This is a work of historical fiction.

What effect did Ngugui wa thiong'o's imprisonment have on him artistically?

Ngugi wa Thiong'o's imprisonment had a significant impact on him artistically by influencing him to write in his native language, Gikuyu, to resist cultural imperialism and promote African languages. This experience also strengthened his commitment to addressing social and political issues in his work, leading to a more overtly political and activist approach in his writing.

What does genre strategy mean in writing?

A genre is a fiction category - like romance or horror or science fiction. Your strategy is the way you plan things out. This term would mean how a writer plans their work so that it fits into a specific genre.

Is 'Paranormal Actvities' fiction?

Yes, the movie is a work of fiction.

How does fiction work in earthquakes?

the plates slide past creating fiction