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The world is round, and maps are flat. It is difficult to accurately display a round object on a flat piece of paper.

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Im not even sure I came here looking for answers lol

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Q: What does it mean to display the world accurately on a map?
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What does a Robinson map accurately show?

A Robinson map is a form of projection of the world map in which the whole world is illustrated as a single flat image. The poles are shown as straight lines rather than as points. These maps more accurately show the land to water proportions at high latitudes.

Shows size and shapes on a map accurately?

the atlas that truckers most use are maps in which show true shape but definitely indignify the size of the map

Do you have a picture of a map of the whole world?

I'm unable to display images. However, you can easily find a map of the world by searching for "world map" on any search engine or by checking map websites such as Google Maps or MapQuest.

What is the Robinson map projection?

The Robinson projection shows the entire world map at once.

Which inset map shows Alaskans size more accurately?

North America inset map

What do different colors on the map mean?

It depends on the map. On a political map they would show different countries. On a relief map they would show hills and mountains. On a thematic map they would display data.

Are the shapes and sizes of the continents or the waterways shown more accurately on a Robinson projection?

The Robinson projection is known for balancing the distortion of shape and size, so both the shapes and sizes of continents and waterways are generally portrayed more accurately compared to other map projections. It is a compromise projection that tries to display the world in a way that is visually appealing while minimizing distortions.

Explain why areas at the far northern and especially far southern parts of maps of the world look so much larger than they should look when compared to the rest of the countries and continents?

Because it is next to impossible to accurately shown a map of the round world on a flat map. There will always be errors, because only a round globe can most accurately depict a true map of the world with all its countries and continents.

What does it mean when a scale is drawn to scale?

it means that the map is not like a map that IS drawn to scale. Instead of being accurately sized, it may use different scales to highlight certain features.

What part of a map of the world contains information on what the map's symbols mean?

The key.

Why do mapmakers digitize map data?

we make map to know find the countries, seas,continents.from the map we can find anything wher they are situated.

What type of map display a flat representation of a round object?

a projection map