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The phrase of 'Law and Order' refers to the sanctity of the courts and legislatures to social stability. The maintaining or 'order' is the discipline and procedure of the courts and congress for example. 'Law' in turn can reference the police procedure of implementing and executing the will of the courts and legislatures.

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Q: What does it mean to maintain law and order in government?
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What level of government has the responsibility to maintain law and order?

The judicial branch

What would happen if there was no government and no rules?

The basic purpose of government is to maintain law and order in country. If there is no government, its means that there is no law and order. Government has different types of departments and ministries which look after their specific work.

Why government is necessary to any society?

To control its affairs and to maintain law and order in the society.

Who directed regular army forces to maintain law and order in support of civilian Authority?

The federal government

What do you mean about respect for law and government?

Respecting the law and government means not breaking the rules of the land. It means upholding law and order as stipulated in the constitution.

What is the specific power of government?

That depends on the government and its mandate but usually, at a minimum, a government is expected to arbitrate disputes, maintain law and order, and provide military protection from foreign threats.

Why law is needed in a country?

maintain order and civility

What is the idea of '' rule of law ''?

To achieve order and maintain it, in society.

What was the original purpose of the federalist?

The main purpose was to have a strong government, regulate commerce, maintain law and order, and improve the nation's finances. -MBT 2011 age:14

The rules of conduct established by the government to maintain stability and promote justice are known as?


What is a good sentence for the word maintain-?

The role of the police in all nations across the world is to maintain law and order.

What do you mean when you say the primary purpose of law is the maintenance of order?

Law is needed in order to maintain a society, a state, and the country in its entirety. Without law there would be not regulation to peoples behaviour. Therefore to say that the primary purpose of the law is the maintenance of order is to say without it there would be no rules on how we should behave, everyone would do as they pleased and there would be no order in society.