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That the law doesn't follow the constitution.

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Q: What does it mean when the supreme court declares a law unconstitutional?
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What does certiorari denied mean?

When an application (or appeal of some case in a lower court) to the Supreme Court is denied, it is called certiorari denied. In fact, it means that the Supreme Court refuses to accept the application or appeal and will not judge on it

Is the US Supreme Court the same as the Judicial Branch?

The term "supreme court" is used in both the state and federal judicial systems. Every state has a state supreme court, or a differently named equivalent, which is the highest appellate court within the state system. State supreme courts are typically located in the state capital. In at least one state, New York, "supreme court" refers not to the highest court of appeals, but to the trial court in which cases are initially heard.Every state is also a part of the national federal court system and its federal regulations, starting from district, appellate, and finally, the U.S. Supreme Court. The US Supreme Court is the highest appellate court in both federal and state systems for preserved questions of federal and constitutional law. The US Supreme Court has no jurisdiction over individual state laws or state constitutional issues.Generally, when people refer to "The Supreme Court," they mean the Supreme Court of the United States, or (colloquially) SCOTUS or US Supreme Court. When referring to a state supreme court, a person usually identifies the state first, as in Ohio Supreme Court, Alabama Supreme Court, etc.

What courts are lower than the US Supreme Court?

AnswerOn the fourth floor of the The Supreme Court building they have a Court gym, including a basketball court and it is referred to jokingly as "the highest court in the land."There is no court higher than the US Supreme Court. They are the ultimate arbiters of law in the US, and it's well-established in prior court cases that the Supreme Court is not required to abide by the decisions of any other court, even international ones.

What does vided mean in a supreme court docket?

Vided in this context means viewed. This does not necessarily mean it was given any particular consideration or found pursuasive. It is simply an acknowlegement that the Supreme Court has this particular brief included on its file for this particular docket and it was not rejected for lack of form or formalities.

What did chief justice rehnquist mean when he said that the supreme court did not base its rulings on straw polls?

More than likely, Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist was referring to the straw vote the court makes after hearing the oral arguments. Essentially, the court was not decided by the vote; it was simply the manifestation of the ruling.

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What does it mean the supreme court declares a law unconstitutional?

That the law doesn't follow the constitution.

What does it mean when the supreme court declares a law?

That the law doesn't follow the constitution.

What does it mean when a Supreme Court declared a law Unconstitutional?

That the law doesn't follow the constitution.

What does struck down mean?

"Struck down" typically refers to a court ruling that declares a law or regulation to be invalid or unconstitutional. It can also mean to defeat or invalidate something, such as a proposal or argument.

What did the Supreme Court's ruling in Brown vs Board of Education mean?

That segregation of black and white schools is unconstitutional fun is it not :D A.S.Apex :)

There are justices on the supreme courthow mean justices on the supreme court are there?

there are about how mean justices on the Supreme Court.

What branch of gov can declare an act of congress to be unconstitutional?

The federal Judicial Branch, consisting of the US District Courts, the US Court of International Trade, the US Court of Appeals Circuit Courts and the US Supreme Court can declare acts of Congress unconstitutional, but only if the act has already been signed into law and is relevant to a case before the court.The US Supreme Court is head of the Judicial Branch and is the ultimate authority on constitutionality.

What does supreme in supreme court mean?

The greatest

What act of determining a national law unconstitutional?

I am not sure what you mean by "act." There is no one act that applies here, but there is a procedure for determining whether a law is unconstitutional. It usually involves a challenge at the state level first. After that, the case is then taken to a district or federal court, and finally, it is taken up at the Supreme Court (assuming the Supreme Court decides to take the case; they do not take every case they are asked to review). But under our system of checks and balances, while a state's attorney general or an individual plaintiff from a state may challenge the constitutionality of a law (such as President Obama's health care law, or the Defense of Marriage Act), it is the Supreme Court that has the final say on whether a particular law is unconstitutional.

What does it mean when a Supreme Court issues a dissenting opinion?

When a Supreme Court "dissents" it is disagreeing with the majority opinion.

What does 9 J on the S C mean?

justices on the supreme court!

. What does it mean when a Supreme Court justice issues a dissenting opinion?

When a Supreme Court "dissents" it is disagreeing with the majority opinion.