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The defence will stop asking questions

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Q: What does it means in court when the defense rest?
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What does rest for PHC means in the court system?


What is full court press defense in basketball?

I have no idea what full press defense is. You tell me.

What does it mean to strike defense witnesses and exhibits in court?

Striking defense witnesses or exhibits in court means that the judge has ruled to exclude them from being presented as evidence or testimony during the trial. This decision can have a significant impact on the case as it limits the information that the defense can use to support their arguments.

What is the role of the defense in a court?

the role of the defense is the person who is defending the victim

Do court appointed defense lawyers work for you or the court that appoints them?

they work for the court that appoints them

What are two types of court martial counsels?

Trial. defense

Does a Paranoid have criminal liability?

depends of how paranoidAdded: If being paranoid is their defense against committing a criminal act, they will have to prove their mental disability in court by means of expert medical/psychiatric testimony, and hope the jury believes their defense.

Why is the role of the defense attorney in juvenile court ambivalent?

A defense attorney is responsible for defending juveniles in juvenile court. They are also responsible for negotiating pleas and sentences.

What are the release dates for The Best Defense Survival - 2009 Rest Stop?

The Best Defense Survival - 2009 Rest Stop was released on: USA: 12 February 2014

What are the release dates for Night Court - 1984 Daddy for the Defense - 2.2?

Night Court - 1984 Daddy for the Defense - 2.2 was released on: USA: 4 October 1984

What are court appointed defense attorneys whose fees are paid at a set rate by localor state government are also called?

A court-appointed attorney is assigned to a defendant when they are unable to afford a private defense lawyer. It's required by the constitution that a court must provide defense at the governments expense.

What can you do to help your defense system?

Proper diet,sleep,rest and little exercise should help defense system.