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Limited power is generally taken to be the opposite of absolute (or unlimited) power. Limited power has some restrictions on its use; those restrictions may be placed by other entities, or by the nature of the power itself.

In the context of Government, limited powers generally means that only those specific duties proscribed to the owner of the power can be done. Such proscribed power can be either an explicit enumeration of powers granted, or a combination f explicit and implicit powers.

For instance, in the US government, there are three areas of power: creating the laws, enforcing the laws, and interpreting the laws. Each area is assigned to a different entity withing the US government, which means that each entity has inherently limited powers - it can only exercise those powers in its area - the other two entities provide a check (limit) to that entity's attempts to utilize any other form of power.

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A limited power of attorney is usually used for a specific person. One example would be when they want someone to sell a house for them. It would only allow them to sell the house and not do anything else.

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When someone or something has alot of power.thank you

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Q: What does limited power mean?
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the best power in the world.

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