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Well a cliche is a phrase that is aid alot or is redundant so if someone were to say "Pardon the cliches" I would think they were asking you to either ignore them or to forgive them for using them in the first place. Sorry if this doesn't help you at all I'm only a freshman in high school.

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Q: What does pardon the cliches mean?
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What does Toast to cliches in a dark past mean?

We hold on to cliches at our darkest moments and most aren't really factual. Once you choose to dissect those statements and live in your truth... You toast to leaving cliches in your dark past.

How do you use the word pardon ed in a sentence?

What do you mean? Do you mean pardon ED or pardon? ok well here are two answers "Pardon me sir but do you have the time" or "Pardon ed he has been very gassy today" Hope that solves your question

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Such a pardon is usually called an amnesty.

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Reassuring cliches are often given automatically, and consist of patterned responses, or empty, meaningless prhases that express false assumptions. Examples of reaussing cliches are : Everything will be ok. Keep your head held high. Chin up.

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"to pardon"

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