What does port mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A variety of meanings:

A place where a ship sails to and form is a "port"

A place to plug in a computer peripheral is a "port"

"port" is fortified wine

"port" is a direction when at sea.

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It mean teleport

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Q: What does port mean?
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Are there any port in Scotland?

Do you mean ports for ships ? Or do you mean port as in the drink ?

What does port days mean?

A Port Day is an operating day when the ship is in an out-port (not at the home port).

What does Port-au-Prince mean in English?

Prince's Port.

What does purerta Vallarta mean in English?

to "Port Vallarta" or "Vallarta Port." The Spanish word "vallar" means "to fence", so it could mean "fenced port".

What does prefix port mean?

Port means to fly across something

What is port problem during punic wars?

It is not clear what you mean by port problem.

What does port in use mean?

in a game i see that people say port to me (wizard101)

Where is du port?

If you mean "due port" it is a direction in sailing/boating, due port is the nautical term for directly left

What does port mean-settlement?


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What does port mean in Irish Gaelic?

In Irish "port" means: harbour / embankment / tune